HistoryView VR @ Maine DOE VR Expo #ImmerseME

Maine Teachers Demo Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Education Technolog

VIDEO: https://wabi.tv/2017/06/19/maine-teachers-demo-groundbreaking-virtual-reality-education-technology/

"Maine educators got to demo some groundbreaking virtual reality technology at the State Library in Augusta Monday.

As this technology advances, and becomes less expensive and more commonplace, schools across the country are expected to be implementing these exciting education tools.

The Department of Education’s Virtual Reality expo brought educators from across the state to discuss how they’re using virtual technology in their curriculum.


Educators say these state-of-the-art education tools are not only providing students and teachers with challenges and experiences that were not possible before the advent of the technology, but also present endless possibilities for the future." BRANDON DOYEN

HistoryViewVR & Edorble

We are pleased to announce that HistoryViewVR & Edorble will be working together to bring educational multiplayer VR tours of cultural heritage sites and museums. We've made a 3D world that lets teachers + students meet online from PC, Mac, or VR. Whoever uses the same world code at the same time will be in the same world. Personal, playful, and powerful.


Day 2: 360 Rocket Launch - VISBIT

Day 2: 360 Rocket Launch - VISBIT

Traffic and excitement started our day with a bus ride to the press site. Tony and our NASA guides were great staff answering our questions and telling us their stories of NASA.  Once we got to the press site the Samsung Gear 360 Camera was deployed and I waited why anticipation! Countdown announcer begins and the rocket lifts off, then about 8 seconds later the sound starts with a low rumble increasing with height. It literally made my chest vibrate! Everyone can experience the launch with me on the VISBIT demo app. After the launch, we got to visit the Crawler that moves rockets out to the launch pad. It was a massive machine that I got to touch and walk under.

Buy Now: https://www.historyview.org/dlc/nasavr

HistoryViewVR at NASA: Day 1


The facilities are huge at NASA and it feels like an amazing university campus. Sign me up! At the press conference, HistoryViewVR asked United Launch Alliance if the future size of their rockets will become larger or smaller. With excitement, ULA responded that the future of their rockets will become larger with multiple payloads! Also, Brian listened to a 17-year-old NY high school student talk about his work at NASA with DNA testing. Keep up the good work kid! Seeing the rocket up close was surreal. Humans do not compare in siz to these space vehicles! This picture is Joe, he works for United Launch Alliance and behind him is his Atlas V rocket.

Buy Now: https://www.historyview.org/dlc/nasavr


HistoryViewVR Invited to NASA

COO Brian Lyra was at NASA for a 2 day NASA Social Media Event. During his time, Brian spoke with NASA specialists about virtual reality, Matterport technology and utilizing VR Field Trips at NASA.

The following posts are Brian's notes:

Buy Now: https://www.historyview.org/dlc/nasavr

NASA Astronaut Hall of Fame

Our goal is to create a single space where educators can take their students into virtual reality field trips.

HistoryView VR provides a virtual reality field trip library of historical sites & museum exhibits for educational use. This project preserves historical sites and allows people from all over the world to visit and experience history virtually.

Elizabeth Benoit is a licensed teacher in MA and studied History at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. After graduation, she became familiar with virtual reality and the immersive experience it creates. While exploring this technology she envisioned education, specifically history teachers, utilizing VR in the classroom. Her vision is to travel the world and capture historical sites & museum exhibits for students to explore in VR.

Working with Matterport's state-of-the-art technology and their artists donations, HistoryView VR was able to introduce a VR Library to the world.

To continue expanding the VR library please donate to HistoryView VR Kickstarter: 


Artist can donate scans to: https://www.historyview.org/contact/

Matterport brings its Virtual Reality Spaces to the iPhone

iPhone users who love exploring the world from the comfort of their couches have a new app to download: Matterport. The Google Street View rival has brought its virtual reality tours of various real-world locations to the iPhone. Matterport originally offered 3D views of everything from popular travel destinations to celebrity homes and historic places like the very first Boeing 737. It started going into VR late last year and even launched a platform called CoreVR that makes it easy for content creators to turn their Street View-like shots into virtual reality experiences.

The company has around 300,000 VR spaces, 150 of which make up a curated premium selection, that you can access through the iOS, Gear VR and Cardboard apps. It also promises to keep converting and adding the rest of its 3D spaces. Take note that the app will only work if you have an iPhone 5s or one of the device's newer iterations, and only if it's running iOS 9.1 and higher. In case you're a business owner looking to show off your place in VR, though, you'll also need Matterport's $4,500 camera in addition to a new-ish iPhone.

We Get Around!

Thank you We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod for donating your Matterport Spaces with us!

What is We Get Around Atlanta?

A worldwide Referral Network to locate a Matterport Pro Photographer

2,200 Members

Members in 83 countries

Growing by 100+ Members monthly

While many of the examples are commercial, this Network gives teachers a chance to ask their students to research potential tours for other students to view; geography, etc.

Matterport Pros would love to be contacted by school teachers for show and tell, scan a classroom at no charge to show students what they do and how students can run their own photography agency!


New Content!

A huge shout out to,  Tosolini Productions , who donated scans from Italy and France! If you have Matterport scans and would like to do so please send them in to ebenoit@historyview.org!  Check them out!!!


Thank you again to Paolo Tosolini and his great work!!