Our goal is to create a single space where educators can take their students into virtual reality field trips.

HistoryView VR provides a virtual reality field trip library of historical sites & museum exhibits for educational use. This project preserves historical sites and allows people from all over the world to visit and experience history virtually.

Elizabeth Benoit is a licensed teacher in MA and studied History at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. After graduation, she became familiar with virtual reality and the immersive experience it creates. While exploring this technology she envisioned education, specifically history teachers, utilizing VR in the classroom. Her vision is to travel the world and capture historical sites & museum exhibits for students to explore in VR.

Working with Matterport's state-of-the-art technology and their artists donations, HistoryView VR was able to introduce a VR Library to the world.

To continue expanding the VR library please donate to HistoryView VR Kickstarter: 


Artist can donate scans to: https://www.historyview.org/contact/